The Snubnose is in Love…


..with this adorable return gift she got from the birthday party she attended last weekend.

A Personalized Bean Bag

A Personalized Bean Bag

Isn’t it just gorgeous? The snubnose is over the moon with it, even wanting to sleep on it 🙂

She also got a personalized book, where she was one of the main characters in the story.

Me, I am feeling a bit mortified because the birthday gift we gave to the birthday girl does not really match up to the awesomeness of this bean bag and the book 🙁

Note: For those not clued in to the concept of a return gift, it is the gift that the birthday child gives to all the children who attend his/hers birthday party. Usually, this gift is not too expensive – just a couple of books, or crayons, or something like that.

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  • Niyati

    Hey nish was wondering if u have any contact no for the manufatuerer

    • @samir: Unfortunately no, it was a return gift and I have no idea where it’s from. Sorry!

  • Arathy

    Wonderful gift!!!

    • Thank you Arathy. Yes, the gift quite blew me away 🙂

  • Wow!!! Is this a return gift!!! No one should miss such birthday parties 🙂

    Beautiful return gift! Very thoughtful!

    • Ya, I mean to choose to spend so much thought on a return gift is I think extremely generous and thoughtful 🙂

  • 🙂 Nice return gift… To gift forty children with such a gift, konjam expensive pola iruke!!! 🙂

    • Very expensive, I would have thought! I suppose they could have had some bulk deal with the manufacturers or something? But the quality of the item is too good, very well made, I really looked to check whether there were any defects or anything, very well done…

  • Personalized bean bag and book!!!!
    Wow! I am still living in some ancient era, I guess..

    Loved the idea, and would use it for Diya’s 2nd Bday (no no, not as return gift…. but as gift TO Diya 🙂 )

    • Exactly! it makes a great gift, but I just can’t imagine how expensive it must be to gift to almost 30-40 children…that child’s parents really put in an effort.

      All in all, that birthday party was pretty memorable 🙂

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