The Associate


It has been a long time since I read a John Grisham novel. I used to be a huge fan of his, and read all his earlier novels obsessively.

However, in between my interest started to flag after I read his football books. I think legal thrillers are his forte and he should stick to it. Anyway, I soon moved on to other authors and genres. I even stopped noticing when his novels were getting published.

However, while browsing books at Eloor Library, I chanced upon The Associate and for lack of anything more inspiring to read, decided to pick it up.

I started reading and even before I knew it, I was hooked on, and enjoying the read.

The Associate is very similar in style to The Firm, and in fact it is very hard to review it without comparing it to The Firm. The protagonist is Kyle McAvoy, a likable and talented law student at Yale who gets blackmailed into doing some corporate espionage in the firm he is joining. The rest of the story deals with how he manages to get away from his blackmailers and turn the tables on them without doing any fraud.

This is typical John Grisham stuff. But, it is very well done. The story moves rapidly and I was left breathless by the various twists and turns. The ending leaves a lot of loose ends open, which disappointed me a little bit. It is very obvious that there is another spy who is working within Kyle’s organization, and although some hints are provided as to who it could be, nothing is revealed. The bad guys also get away in the end, which leaves Kyle in fear of his life.

I would like a sequel to this novel, to clear up all these loose ends. Or, the book could easily have continued for another 30-50 odd pages and tied all these loose ends neatly.

However, that is the only negative thing I could find about the book. All in all, it was a great and quick read, and a good break from more serious reading.

  • Shobana

    Just finished this book….like you, I too felt that he could have tied up some loose ends or maybe he is planning a sequel? I hope so…I don’t like such finishings. Otherwise, I was hoping for some more courtroom drama or some more legal stuff..a disappointment in that line too. But was ok..

    • Yes, there was not much drama in this book. I did like how he built up the tension, but after that nothing much happens.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting 🙂

  • I haven’t read your review yet, because I’d like to read the book without any prejudices 🙂

    However, since it’s John Grisham, highlights of it can be predicted. Shrewd protagonist who gets framed, seeks retribution and an out-of-the-blue twist in the final 5 pages.

    I’ll check back after I read it 😉

    • Sure, it is quintessentially Grisham, and quite similar to The Firm…I would like to know your thoughts on it after you finishe the book 🙂

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