And the Blogging Experiments Continue…


After including a Rating button on my blog, I decided to experiment a little bit more.

I have read a great many blog posts that rave about the value of social networking and how it can radically increase the number of hits on a blog. And, today I finally decided to take the plunge.

I have signed up on to Digg and am now going to include a Digg button at the bottom of all my posts. In addition, I am also including an “Add This” button that allows readers to bookmark and share blog posts, along with the existing rating button.

All these add-ons mean that there is a lot of clutter. So, reluctantly, I have decided to stop signing off on all my blog posts. Reluctantly, because I have been pretty happy with my signature, and always felt that the signature makes my blog a little bit more personal.

Let’s see where these additional buttons lead to. The Digg button is a little bit more cumbersome because every time I update my blog, I need to manually go to Digg, submit the link, and then add the Digg button here. I would much prefer such activities to be automated. What I do like about Digg is that it is connected with Facebook, so when I submit a link to Digg, I can automatically choose for it to appear on my Facebook wall as well – very similar to TweetDeck, which allows me to post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. My lazy self loving this content reuse aspect 🙂

Eagerly waiting to see whether subscribing to social networking sites such as Digg and Stumble Upon really make that much of a difference. I do hope that adding these buttons do not reduce the number of comments. After all, it is much easier to click on a button than penning down a few thoughts. Will wait and watch and definitely let you know how it all works out…

If you want to add a Digg button to your blog posts, follow the instructions here:

To add a Share button to your blog, follow the instructions here:

Update: I removed all Digg and Share buttons from my posts after WordPress created an easy option to automate this.

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  • How do you manage to come up with this stuff? Haha – well it kept be bust fot a bit so Im not complaining!

  • Thanks for dropping by commenting Nish.
    Read your post on Amethyst. Seems like you are a regular there.

    By the way,I picked up the picture from your blog (when I searched via google images).

    Your blog is real cool. SO you are on the way to increase! Okay..I am already here 🙂

    • No problem about the picture. Thanks for crediting me 🙂

      Yes, whenever I go to Chennai I always hang out at Amethyst – something about the place that is so relaxing…

      Yes, I have been very slow to learn all the intricacies about blogging. But, I definitely enjoy the process. If you have any tips for me, do share.

  • Angel Rodriguez

    I like the whole digg thing, but like you said its manual, so that’s a no go for me, especially since most of my entries come in the form of mobile email posts.

    I follow your blog from my mobile newsreader, viigo, entertaining.

    Have you heard of or tried I use that site to post my blog entries everywhere, ie:facebook, xanga, etc.

    For microblogging, twitter, facebook updates, etc, I update via a site called

    So far both have been safe, no spam, etc.

    See ya.

    • Nish

      Yes, two blog posts in and I am already finding it a bit cumbersome.

      I like your idea of Currently, I use TweetDeck but not entirely happy with it – too much clutter. Will switch over to ping and see.

      I haven’t heard of posterous, but I will give it a shot. So far, apart from alphainventions, I have never tried any other sites…

      and thanks for the suggestions 🙂

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