Guilty Pleasures…


In this funny article in The Guardian, the reporter interviews Michelin award-winning chefs about their favorite guilty pleasure foods. The stuff that came out was quite surprising ranging from Burger King cheese burgers to Filet-o-fish from McDonald’s.

This is a fun article and actually quite reassuring to read. Reading the comments at the end of the article is even more fun, almost everyone has a few guilty pleasures.

Since, the article is now closed for commenting, I thought I would list my guilty pleasures here (in no particular order of preference, and not limited to food):

  • Ooty Chocolates (especially the mint flavor). Not only am I guilty of this, but I have spread the mania to dozens of co-workers by bringing boxes of the stuff to office to distribute
  • Baskin Robbins ice-cream – I don’t think there is a flavor they have that I don’t love
  • Subway subs and cookies – yumm!
  • Maggi noodles – the good ole Masala flavor
  • Stardust and Cine Blitz magazines – all the gossip, the salaciousness. Best way to enjoy a rainy afternoon!
  • Rereading Georgette Heyer, Agatha Christie, Enid Blyton, Victoria Holt novels-occasionally even a Mills n Boon
  • Random driving just for the sake of it – yes, even in Bangalore traffic, I just love it, and when I am speeding up on the Outer Ring Road, I sometimes like to pretend that I am an F1 driver

There, now I have unloaded … you tell me, what are your guilty pleasures in life?

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  • Nice read!
    Same here abt Baskin Robbins ice-cream n Agatha Christie n Enid Blyton!

    N u take boxes of the chocos to office to distribute – can I b ur colleague pls 😉

    LOL @ pretending to be an F1 driver

    • Ya, I take chocolates to work…nothing like spreading the fat, right 😉

      Jokes apart, all my friends love Ooty chocolates, but only my house is close by to the store. So, I am generally the chocolate bringer….

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