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This week, there have been quite a few advertisements in the TOI (Times of India) advertising huge discounts on furniture.

We have been on the lookout for a long time for some children’s furniture – a table and chair, and a bookshelf to help keep the snubnose’s stuff a bit more organized.

In search of a good deal, my mum, myself, and the snubnose went to the following stores in Marathahalli:

  • @home
  • Home Town
  • Fabio Decoree

We first went to @home since their advertising brochure seemed to promise some real good stuff at almost unbelievable prices. To our disappointment, when we went there, the stuff was much smaller and more expensive than advertised. For example, a small shelf was advertised as Rs.150/- and above. In actuality, the shelf was much smaller than it looked in the brochure, and cost about Rs. 2000/- odd. Now, there is a huge difference between Rs.150 and Rs.2000/-. Feeling totally disillusioned by the store, we went to Home Town to check if they had anything to offer.

Home Town had to be the most pathetic shopping experience ever. The shop was extremely badly maintained, and the sales people were totally uninterested in helping us. Also, didn’t help that the escalator going up had broken down, and we had to take the only shabby lift available. The furniture on display was badly maintained. When we inquired about another piece, the salesman said he will check, and never came back!

So pissed off…

We were about to give up and go home, when hubby called us and asked us to check out Fabio Decoree before giving up. So, we made a u-turn to the store.

And, am I so glad we did…

The shop was absolutely amazing. It had just everything we were looking for, and because of the sale, the prices were decent too…

Just check out the options…

Cutie sheep table

Cutie sheep table

Rubberwood Table Set

Rubberwood Table Set

"Home" bookshelf

“Home” bookshelf

I loved them all. The sheep table and chair set with matching cushions looked sooo cute, however it was just her size. It would not scale up as she grew taller. So, we decided that the rubber wood table and stool set would be more practical. It has a green board on top, so the snubnose can take her chalk and scribble on it. It also comes with 2 draws for storage. It was also pretty economical – the price was down to Rs. 4000/- odd from Rs.8000/-.

I also liked the red “home” bookshelf, but was worried that it would clash with the rest of our furniture. Our house has mostly neutral furniture, with green being a predominant theme, and so we decided to scrap the bookshelf for now.

Christoper, the sales person was extremely accommodating. Because Kalyan was not with us, we could not make our decision, and so he volunteered to email the images to Kalyan, so that he could check it out and help us make a decision. So helpful, and such a breath of fresh air after our miserable experiences at @home and Home Town.

We eventually decided to wait and make our choice. If the rain lets up today, we will definitely visit Fabio Decoree again…

Fingers crossed meanwhile, that our faves don’t get sold out…

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    • Nishita

      @disqus_KxZMSOe69b:disqus it wasn’t the inventory as such, but the poor customer service and misleading pricing.

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  • casey

    Heyyy… Totally lowe ur banner – J is changing a lot – like her latest hairstyle – if tht is her latest 😀 U shd chk out Cache – near Progrm’s place – liked their stuff – sm were over-priced, others were reasonable. Interesting options.. we got our settee frm there.

    • Thanks 🙂

      ya, she is changing by the day. We have yet to decide on the furniture, so we may make a trip to Cache sometime this week …

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