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When I first decided to start a blog, I was torn between WordPress and Blogger. I just did not know which option to go for. So, I just flipped a coin and ended up with Blogger.

Turned out to be not a bad option. It was easy to use and setup, and I liked the overall experience. However, I was just not that happy with the quality of themes that they have on offer. They were always a little dull, and I felt that the WordPress blogs that I followed have a much crisper layout.

So, I moved my blog to WordPress and I have never looked back … i.e. until now.

While slowly getting accustomed to the blogosphere, I came across some unique and lovely blogs on Blogger. Only then did I realize the extent of the customization options provided by Blogger. You don’t even have to be a CSS guru to personalize your Blogger blog to reflect your taste and individuality. This is a good thing because the default themes are not the greatest anyway!

WordPress also allows users to customize their themes, but at a price and that really sucks. I hope a day comes when the WordPress folks allow users to customize their blogs without any charge. However, the basic themes are pretty good, which sorta makes up for this.

There are tons of lovely sites on the web that help you customize your blogs, and here are a couple that I love:

  • The Cutest Blog on the Block (henceforth called TCBOTB)- This site offers you some lovely backgrounds, blinkies, and headers that you can easily customize and incorporate into your blog. Even better is that they provide options that complement each other, so you don’t have to get a beautiful background and then struggle to create a header that suits it.

    One lovely blog that has used its elements so beautifully is My Fluttering Heart …I just love the beautiful romantic background she has used. I also love the beautiful Alice in Wonderland header (a photo taken from a fashion magazine). After seeing this blog, I was inspired to try something on my still-existing Nishita’s Nonsensical Ramblings blog. I chose a much plainer background, and a “Life is Beautiful” blinkie, and I think this blog looks a lot better than it used to. If I had known about TCBOTB earlier, I just might have reconsidered my decision to move to WordPress.

    Note: Currently TCBOTB only supports Blogger. Also, male bloggers may find the choices offered by TCBOTB a little too girlie for their tastes.

  • The Background Fairy – Unlike TCBOTB, The Background Fairy supports Typepad, WordPress, and Blogger. They have a large number of backgrounds that you can use (I did not find any blinkies or headers though). Not as beautifully romantic as TCBOTB, but a good start nevertheless. Also, a good option for people who like their blogs to not look too cutesie.

    A nice example of good customization is Passions & Soapboxes. You can hardly make out that the basic theme of the blog is the good ole Pressrow by Chris Pearson that I also use. She has done an impressive job.

Have you customized your blog themes in any way? Did you use any sites that helped you ? Do you know any beautifully designed blogs you would like to share? I would love to know…

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  • Su


    You have customized your WordPress blog with some pretty cool and funky features—the background, etc. from TCBOTB. I am relatively new to WordPress and can’t seem to figure out how to incorporate the background or buttons into my blog. Can you advise me on the process? Also, how were you able to add the My Stats counter? (I’ve been looking around for one of those.)

    Anyway, kudos to your creative flair. Your blog is amazing.

    🙂 Susan

  • Cute. Yes, I have heavily customised my blog, but unfortunately all sites I used cater to Blogger and not WordPress. The cutest blog is very cute I must say.

  • Thanks for the linkback and the complement.

    • You’re very welcome 🙂

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