New Eating Hangouts in Indra Nagar


Gloria Jean's Lured in by the promise of a sample drink, we (hubby, myself, and snubnose) walked into the new Gloria Jean’s coffee outlet on 100 Feet Road in Indra Nagar.

I generally love coffee shops and I always like to hang out and chill with friends and family. The focus is less on eating and more on conversation and of course people-watching 🙂

So, once we walked in and settled ourselves down, we had a look at the menu, and decided on the following:

  • Chocolate croissant (for me and snubnose)
  • Veg puff (for Kalyan)

We also asked for the sample drink. The sample drink was a minuscule (and I mean almost microscopic) cup of Strawberry Chiller. We all washed it down in one gulp. It was extremely tasty and I would not have minded ordering it, but everyone is just recovering from a cold and I didn’t want to take any chances.

Our order arrived, and we all settled in to eat. The chocolate croissant was nicely warm and gooey. However, it had a faint eggy smell, which was slightly off-putting. Now, I know that croissants are made with eggs, but the really good ones don’t smell of it. The Coffee Day croissant is far superior. Kalyan found his puff okay.

The steward mentioned that there was a complimentary “Babycino”, which is available for kids under 5. I was totally floored by the concept (I have never heard of any special drink for children before), and I was very curious to see what the Babycino looked like. And, it was complimentary, so what the hell…

The Babycino turned out to be a combination of cream, cold milk, some colorful sprinkles (people with kids will know what sprinkles is, but it is very difficult to describe to others), and a small marshmallow stick.

It was filled to the brim and given in a small Espresso cup. Now, giving a toddler a cup filled with milk to the brim is just asking for trouble. So, I asked the steward to put it in a larger cup so that spillage is a little less. He refused, and said that the larger cups are “countable”, which means if there is any missing, they are asked to account for it.

Hmm…I ended up taking 2 small cups, dividing the drink into smaller quantities and giving it to her. Not very happy at all. I almost wished she had spilt the drink there, so that they would understand how dumb this policy is. However, I guess I should not blame them completely as this is the case with many outlets (Subway is another example). Really, businesses should start thinking about the customer a little bit more.

The Cream and Fudge Factory Anyway, while returning home, I was thrilled to see that “The Cream and Fudge Factory” has opened a branch in Indra Nagar. It is located just behind the Coffee Day on 100 Feet Road.

The main Koramangala outlet serves some amazing ice-creams, and I am thrilled to see that it is now located a lot closer to home.

Now, just waiting for mom to come visit…she really enjoys the pleasure of a good dessert…

Reached home and ended up having a bad stomach-ache. The croissant really did not agree with me at all 🙁

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  • Scribbler

    Your post makes me salivate…and miss Bangalore so much 🙁

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