An Anti-Facebook Rant


I am going absolutely nuts with Facebook. Can’t believe I hate it so much.

Here’s why I hate Facebook…

Strike 1 – I absolutely hate the new messy design. Usually, I take my time to start appreciating new versions of products. Finally, I do get adjusted and start to like them. However, the new Facebook look n feel is just too awful for me…

Strike 2 – Too many web apps and invitations. I just hate those awful web apps, which suck you into trying some new quiz only after you send invitations to 25 other people. I hate that…bugging people with invitations to take some random quiz. In addition, I get about half a dozen mails inviting me to participate in something or the other. I will scream bloody murder if I get yet another invitation to grow some lil green virtual patch of grass.

Strike 3 – Get accosted by random people who after a 20 min chat, I realize are not some long-lost friends, but truly random people.

Let me get this straight, I am not against social networking as such. In fact, I would consider myself as someone with a decent online presence. I am on:

  • LinkedIn
  • Orkut
  • Twitter
  • A wordpress blog
  • Facebook 🙁

But Facebook is the only app that irritates the hell out of me. Much prefer Orkut’s saner and cleaner user experience.

Although, I have noticed that of late, Orkut also seems to be going the Facebook way, trying to add themes and apps making it much slower than it used to be.

Please…why can’t we have a more adult (and I don’t mean that in any XXX kind of way) social networking app. Surely, there is a significant market for social networking apps that are not quite so … juvenile ?

Facebook Comments
  • the poster

    Facebook used to be so much more mature and interesting before they opened the gates of the Forbidden Palace to high-school kids *shudder*

    • Great to hear you feel the same way. Usually, I am in the minority on this…

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  • Shobha

    Really like Facebook, esp the new design. I love the fact that I can see what everyone is doing and saying on my login page. The right nav bar can be improved, but otherwise no complaints, I much prefer it to Orkut. But, I ABSOLUTELY hate the Facebook apps and the fact that it needs to “access” you details and ask you to add 205500 people (which you can skip, but the audacity!).

    I’ve removed ALL apps, don’t accept any, and ignored all notifications and life on FB is good.

    • Looks like I am in the minority here after all 🙂

      I could use all the tips mentioned in this Comments section to improve my Facebook experience.

      Thanks all ! I love comments on my posts even if they are not in agreement with my post 🙂

  • I disagree with you here. I love facebook. I have completely abandoned Orkut now because it has a horrible gaudy design & no privacy at all and somehow the kind of people I meet on Facebook are just way better. Yes, the new revamped facebook is little worse. But you can always block applications and avoid seeing all those annoying quizzes. There’s an ‘ignore all’ button too.

    And all quizzes now have a skip button so that you get your result without inviting. If they don’t have a skip button you can actually report the quiz.

  • Perfect.. Which is why I have a login and dont sign in that often.

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