Mommas rule in India!


What do you think of this random article in the New York Times (no less) about the influence of Indian mothers on their sons ?

I don’t quite know what to think. On one side, it seems nice that Indian mothers supposedly have so much power. But, it also implies that Indian men are a bunch of mamma’s boys (which I think is also quite true).

What also bugged me about this article was there was nothing mentioned about Indian moms and their relationships with their daughters. And I feel (the article doesn’t imply it, it is just the feeling I get after reading it) that Indian women are not paying quite that much importance to their own daughters!

Another beef : what is such an article doing in the pages of the NY Times? it feels like the article is trying to explain about some aspects of Indian culture to the Americans, but it ended up coming out like almost a mockery.

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  • casey

    The hand tht rocks the cradle rules the world is a saying I have heard often enuf! This article def seems satirical. On tht note, chk out wht the greatbong has to say on the same topic:

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