Time to Change my Theme Again


I have been generally very happy with my old Misty Look theme. But seeing my friends experiment with their themes, inspired me to try out something new too.

Nothing too drastic. Still the same white background, just went for something that looked a little more crisper (Pressrow theme by Chris Pearson). I also just went ahead and changed the heading of my blog. Change is good, right !

One thing, which I think is an improvement over the Misty Look theme, is the navigability. Once I open a particular blog post, I can just keep clicking the “Back” and “Forward” arrows to read other posts. Misty Look’s navigation was a lot clunkier.

So, I am pretty ok with the way it looks for now. I still need to change the header graphic, which I will do soon.

What do you think about the new theme ?

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  • Hi Nish.
    After you visited my site I thought I would reciprocate. You have some interesting posts here which I will be back to read in their entirety very soon.
    Those coincidences are a bit spooky aren’t they?
    Best wishes
    Maureen 🙂

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