Going mmmmm… for the Subway Cookie


My sweetie company gives me monthly coupons, which I can reimburse at selected eating joints in my office building.

Unfortunately, the options include :

  • Beijing Bites (totally yucky, Indianized Chinese food. Eat only if you have a very strong stomach)
  • Pathankot (the parathas are not too bad, but otherwise boring North-Indian food)
  • Gauri Shankar (super-blech unhygienically prepared food), and
  • Subway

When the options are so limited, it is only natural that I gravitated towards Subway. I can enjoy their subs without feeling too guilty or indulgent. However, I pretty much ignored their other options.

However, desperation to redeem all my coupons (if I don’t use them by the end of the month, I lose them) drove me to try their oatmeal and raisin, and chocolate chip cookies.

Yummy Chocochip Cookie

Yummy Chocochip Cookie

The oatmeal and raisin was a bit too sweet for me. But, the chocolate chip cookie was pretty delicious and got me hooked. See here and drool…

But, I really need to control myself. When I went online and checked, one cookie was more than 200 calories!

Whoa, chips might be a comparatively better option after all !

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