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I have been eating at Herbs and Spice in Indra Nagar since it opened years ago in a small bungalow off CMH and 100 Ft road. At that time, I really used to enjoy the small rustic-style, relaxed ambience, and the awesome food and desserts.

This time, when my mom came to visit, we decided to take her to the new, expanded restaurant that they have opened in 80 Feet Road.

The new place is also pretty gorgeous. It is built on a terrace and offers both open-roof and closed-roof seating. We chose the open-roof option (not really chose, as the place was packed and we had to just take what we could get). And sat down to enjoy and soak in the atmosphere (hoping that it would not rain).

And we sat, and sat, and sat. Probably, because the place was packed, we had to wait almost 15 mins for a waiter to come take our order.

And once we ordered, it was another very loooong wait. The snub nose started to get very restless and started flinging table napkins and cutlery around. When she threatened to start off with the plates, hubby very obligingly took her for a round (which mainly involved climbing up and down stairs). Finally, the food arrived …

We had ordered the following :

  • Spinach and cumin soup
  • Abissini with broccoli, olive oil, and chili peppers (abissini is a small shell-like pasta – very similar to the ones sold by Barilla and even Bambino)
  • Spaghetti with whole tiger prawns

The food was definitely worth the wait. The soup was pretty yummy, and I even managed to coax the snub nose into trying a few spoon fulls.

The abissini was accompanied by a salad, and was very tasty yet light. However, it seemed to be a little bit too much on the lighter side. Our fault, because me and my mom were sharing the pasta.

Note for next time: don’t think of sharing the food, as the portions are genuinely single portions.

K really enjoyed the spaghetti with tiger prawns. So overall, the dinner was a hit. We still felt a need for dessert, and would have preferred to have it in Herbs and Spice. However, because of the snub nose’s restlessness, we decided to make our way to Baskin Robbins where we all enjoyed delicious ice-creams.

Wah wahs : Great food, great ambience
Improvement areas : Quicker service

If interested, you can get more information about Herbs & Spice at :

  • Even we liked it the last time we went there, though it was the first time. There was a live music too playing soft English songs. The ambience seems perfect for a romantic dinner too!! 😛 Only that, the price range is high for our budget 🙂

    • They have live music now? that sounds great. Yes, the prices are higher now…I guess that’s the Indra Nagar effect. Everything is expensive in Indra Nagar 🙁

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  • Manjari R

    Hey Nishita- Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    I used to be a huge fan of H&S but haven’t been to the new location…Got mixed reviews about the place. looks like, i should give it a try.

    By the could you miss chocolate fondant there?!?!

    • Hi Manjari,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I always love it when people respond back to my posts 🙂

      Btw, you should go to the new H&S. It’s not too bad a place. Try it on a week day for a more relaxing experience.

      Ya, looks like I missed out on the desserts there 🙁

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