What should I have achieved by age 35 ?


Of late, I have been really short of ideas for this blog…just been writing random reviews of books I randomly read, and movies I randomly watched…

Today, Times Online provided me with some grist for this post – a list of what goals women supposedly aspire to reach by age 35.

So, here goes the list (according to Shane Watson of the Times – hope he is not the cricketer):

  • Been head-hunted for a new job – Yes, headhunted several times and a decent scoring percentage too πŸ™‚
  • Been taken to lunch by your boss – Yup. Must admit though this was a highly overrated, extremely unenjoyable experience that I would not like to repeat. Highly unlikely, since the boss then is not boss now !
  • Been on a business trip abroad – Couple of near misses. Strange that every time I am scheduled to travel, recession / cost cutting / project deadlines have conspired to see that this never happens.
  • Lived abroad – Yup…yay! So far, I am not doing too bad at all !
  • Bought your own flat – Does it count if hubby buys flat in my name? I also contribute occasionally (when asked to) for the monthly payments.
  • Been bought jewellery by a man – Yup…thank you hubs ! One thought though…how can this be termed any kind of achievement ?
  • Socialised outside your age group – Do toddlers count ? I have lot of such friends primarily due to availability of chocolates in the fridge and my generosity in distributing them to all.
  • Hatched a plan for your own business – Umm…no, I thought this would be something I do close to retirement πŸ˜€ … would a long-cherished dream of opening a library count ?
  • Successfully negotiated a pay rise – No πŸ™ negotiated couple of times, never very successfully.
  • Discovered your signature style – Does blue jeans, shirt, bright lipstick, and high heels count as a style ?
  • Discovered the importance of women – Umm…sorry ? what exactly is the metric used to measure this goal ? (Ha..ha very strong manager-speak here !)
  • Established a shoe collection – Hah, this I did before I hit my twenties only !

And that’s it ! The end of the list. Is that all we should have achieved ? As my ex-manager would say, “I think, we need to set the bar higher” !

Surely, most of womenkind would have somewhat achieved all this. Or if they didn’t it was a choice not to.

Ultimately, not sure if I like the idea of creating lists and ticking of your goals / so-called achievements. Where is the pleasure of spontaneity then ?

Btw, if this list makes you feel glum, check out this one – a list of stuff women should have done by the age of 25 – probably one of the more superficial lists out there (or is that merely sour grapes, on my part ?)

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  • blogforhoi

    If you start a library, I will donate 100 books!

    • arrey ya… I can start a library now itself with the books you have already donated to me πŸ˜€

  • You asked me?

    Oh definitely. I’d love it πŸ™‚

  • Shobha

    raise the bar so totally!

    • haha…you know whom I was remembering there πŸ˜€

      • Done… added πŸ™‚

  • Sounds like a good article! I met a girl who made yearly goals for herself when she hit 30. Her 30th year goal was to make that Donald Trump show…she almost did it and made the final round! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, the article was interesting.

      One thing I didn’t like … it was written by a MAN πŸ™

  • (Oh so sorry I commented from my Dad’s Account Entropy earlier. He’s not 21 :P)

    The one about what to have done by 25 is totally superficial. I second it. I’m 21 and I don’t want to do any of those except get serious about photography.

    I have my own list of things to do before I die. πŸ™‚

    • Ha,ha… was puzzled for a moment there πŸ™‚

      Btw, I love your blog and was planning to list it on my blogroll…that ok with you ?

  • The one about what to have done by 25 is totally superficial. I second it. I’m 21 and I don’t want to do any of those except get serious about photography.

    I have my own list of things to do before I die. πŸ™‚

  • Ya…so true πŸ™‚

    What also got my goat was the awful triviality of this list !

  • Nice post..

    I agree.. we shouldnt have to tick off goals in a checklist.. because that’s what we do all the time at work and home either mentally or on a post-it or a note pad…

    Life is more than always going by some timeline πŸ™‚ is my take.. probably because just everything I can think of comes with a timeline : Bills, School studies, College education, Work aptitude tests, work.. so far I’ve seen this much.. and all of these have a timeline that i always hated.

    So i dont think i will have a checklist of goals to achieve by 35, but surely have one major aspiration among other regular pointers….. that is to write my book.

    Good one, got me thinking.. reminds me, i should start thinking about the book…. Clock is ticking..

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