Family luncheon at Annapurna


My dad came home to visit this weekend and so we decided to take him to Annapurna for a fullthoo satisying 3-course South Indian thali meal.

Now, I am not the biggest fan of thalli meals. Three courses of rice bore me to death, not to add slow me down for the rest of the day.

Plus, I am a light eater and in such situations feel pressurized to eat beyond my comfort limits. I also honestly and sincerely feel that the south-indian food cooked at home is far tastier than stuff you get outside.

Anyways, this restaurant is not too bad for those who like their meals filling and cheap ? I don’t know if Rs.100 for an unlimited meal qualifies as cheap these days. In addition, this is a heaven-sent joint for vegetarians who care about how the food is prepared.

For me, this meal was just about getting to spend time with the folks, where meals are served quickly, and with little free place for the snub nose to move around. And sometimes that is a good thing !

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