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Since I will not be continuing to attend the awesome Yoga classes at work, I looked through the web searching for some good yoga classes that I can take that are close by to my house.

Gold’s Gym (which is right across the road) offers what seems to be a decent Ashtanga yoga class. I am planning to take a couple of trial classes. But what really bothers me is the timing. 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM is really not my workout time. That’s the time I set aside for :

  • Boiling the milk
  • Drinking my juice
  • Having bath
  • Waking up my daughter
  • Getting her ready to school – milk, bath, breakfast
  • Getting myself ready to work

and so on…

OK…this post is not about my morning routine…but you get the picture, a 6:00 AM yoga class just does not fit into my morning routine.

So, while ruminating on how to accommodate yoga (I really don’t want to give it up as I have come a long way and it has become an integral part of my fitness routine), I came across this site –

This site allows you to download a variety of yoga videos that you can then do at home at your convenience. You have to pay for some of the more advanced videos. However, you can also download a few 25 minute sessions for free.

I am not sure how much these videos will substitute for an actual hour’s class with an instructor. Not to mention the fact, that it is very difficult for me to get a room to myself to play the videos and do the moves.

However, something is better than nothing, right ?

So, a lazy, rainy weekend afternoon might just catch me doing yoga instead of simply blogging about it 🙂

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