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In my earlier post, I had mentioned that the snub-nose’s teachers had suggested that she might enjoy going to dance classes as she is totally into music and dancing.

Well, today I took her to her first dance class conducted by Body Talk – a dance program that is specifically aimed at children. The class is based on techniques derived from yoga, martial arts, and dance, and are conducted every Saturday at Neev, Indra Nagar- the snub nose’s school.

Body Talk

Body Talk

Since, this was her first class, and she was feeling a little shy, I stayed back to watch the class with her and make her feel more comfortable.

I came away thoroughly impressed with the way the class is conducted. It is simple enough for children to follow, but provides a platform for children to express themselves and their thoughts through various body movements.

The snub-nose was also pretty intrigued, and although she was too shy to jump in to the fray straightaway, I could make out that this activity was very interesting for her. And in fact, towards the end, she was quite happy jumping around the room, running with the rest of the kids.

She is the smallest child in the program, and that made me a little hesitant. But the teacher promised me that I could just enroll her for 4 classes, and if she enjoys it, then we can go on.

Based on today’s activities, I am quite optimistic that she will go on to enjoy herself here….

The best thing about the program – she came home, had a hearty lunch, and was so tired, she dropped off to sleep like a stone 🙂

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