No more Side Middle Birth (SMB)


The controversial SMB (The Indian Railways latest attempt at torture) is going to be removed after numerous customer complaints.

I have never seen one in person, had never even heard of it until my dear friend enlightened me with this post in her blog.

The SMBs have been so unpopular that people have set up a petition to remove it.

Glad to see that this effort has been successful.

Democracy at work. What an idea, sirjee !

  • no yar still in Padiyan express people are struggling.

    • Really, I didn’t know that. Last month, I went on Cauvery Express and the TC told me that all the trains had stopped using SMBs. This sucks 🙁

  • Shobha

    how to escape madcap india? should i become a singaporean? i can actually sympathise with indian’s who give up citizenship now…

    • No ya…come on, where’s the fun without the chaos ??

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