Struggles with the Snub-nose


For the past couple of months, the little snub-nose has been acting extremely snooty with me.

She is normally a good eater, and eats everything we put on her plate (as long as her veggies are nicely mashed up).

Well, all that changed the past couple of months after our trip to Chennai. Nothing really happened during this trip to trigger it, but she suddenly switched her allegiances to her dad. And started a total non-cooperation movement with me.

Things got so bad that during feeding times, both Kalyan (he has calls in the night and really is not upto feeding her dinner) and myself had to hide ourselves out of her sight while the maid fed her dinner. She doesn’t throw any tantrums with her.

But after putting in a lot of maska and cooing, she finally seems to be getting back to the unfussy non-troublesome kid she usually is. I am back to feeding her at mealtimes and we are all a happy and relieved family once again 🙂

Fingers crossed that she doesn’t revert back to her old self.

I am wondering whether the extra attention and pampering by relatives during our Chennai trip went to her head. What do you think ?

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  • Shobha

    yeah KC would know 😀

    • Was blinking on your comment for a couple of secs…then realized oh! you meant the Piscean thing 😀

  • caseys2377

    hahahahaha 😀 She is simply testing her limits 😀

    • Ya, looks like that’s what it is 🙂

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