I could have danced all night …


Today, I came back from my daughter’s PTM with her teachers sporting a huge smile on my face and just bursting with pride !

The snubnose is turning three this month, and we were all a bit concerned that her speech and vocab was not upto the mark for a child her age. In addition, she is a little shy and retiring and takes a lot of time to come out of her shell. Understandably, her participation in school activities was a little limited.

However, this time the teachers couldn’t stop singing her praises – she has started communicating a lot more than she used to, she interacts with everyone, has friends from all ages in the school. She loves all sorts of arts (mainly singing and dancing) and seems to be genuinely gifted in these areas. They suggest putting her in a song / dance class appropriate for her age, as she gets so much joy out of the whole thing.

I think she just needed some more time to grow into herself.

I just sat there listening to a list of her attributes and it was all I could do to not just jump up, run home, and give her a huge hug !

A pic taken from the web that kind of illustrates my state of mind right now !

Hugging Penguins

Hugging Penguins

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