Relaxing in Amethyst Coffee Shop in Chennai


This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for quite some time now. There has been so much happening in the last few months that I couldn’t find the time to complete and post all about my trip to Chennai last October. Now that I have some time on my hands, I dug this one up, edited it, and published it.

Whenever I go to Chennai, I always make it a point to spend some quality time with my family in Amethyst. Located in Gopalapuram (on a parallel road to Satyam theatre), this place is ideal to spend some quiet time drinking coffee n having a snack after seeing a movie.

The ambience in Amethyst is one of the best. You can drink your coffee at your own pace lounging on wicker chairs on a verandah overlooking the garden. Amethyst is a spacious old colonial house (about 150 years old), well-maintained, and surprisingly very quiet and peaceful. I usually go there on weekday afternoons, and so avoid any crowds. I have no idea how it is during evenings and weekends, so I cannot comment on that.

Shot of the Magnificent Building

Shot of the Magnificent Building

The quality of the snacks and short-eats is quite good. The offerings are similar to those by Coffee Day and Barista – in type as well as quality. They also have a small shop where they sell over-priced trinkets, clothes, and shoes. These may be very attractive to expats who frequent the cafe quite often. Locals will mostly ignore the stuff. In addition, they have a nice flower-shop where they make you quite lovely bouquets.

When we go there, we mostly chill over cold coffees and pastries, talking desultorily, and watching the old fan rotate hypnotically on the ceiling. They used to offer hookahs earlier, but don’t do so any more. The little snub nose spends her time running around, exploring all the plants (there is a lot of greenery), and generally getting under the feet of all the waiters. Thankfully, no accidents this time.

All smiles at Amethyst

All smiles at Amethyst

This time, we visited the huge ballroom on the 1st floor where they were having an exhibition of antique furniture. Yes, these days, we are very much into furniture window-shopping. Shoot us, we are old !

Saw a nice sofa-set, which reminded me of the one we used to have when I was a kid. Got quite nostalgic for the good old days, I did !

Antique Sofa-set

Antique Sofa-set

If interested, Amethyst details are below :

#14/30, Padmavathi Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai
Phone 24991330

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  • maha

    i was searching for a good place to hang out with friends fortunately i came to know about this place thanks a ton !!

  • the post was good, but I would have loved to hear a little bit about the people who came up with Amethyst…btw I am arnab from pondicherry, and I hear they have come up another place in Pondicherry. The reason I brought it up. Since you all say that the old Amethyst has moved to a new location and lost its charm, the new one in pondy could compensate for it…. Its known as La maison Rose. So all those who commented on this post, just to inform them that next time they are Pondy they should definitely check out la maison rose, if the memories of the old Amethyst still linger in their mind.

    • @bosearnab: I wasn’t aware of La Maison Rose. It sounds pretty good. Thanks for recommending this place. I will definitely pay a visit next time I am there.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  • Queen

    love that place..was thinking abt the same i wish i get the same stuff in London!!

  • Amethyst is wonderful! I have been there with friends and sometimes alone too – take a book, have a pasta and a coffee and read 🙂 I love the greenery at Amethyst – it is delightful to the eyes especially in summer. Have you been to Anokhee? It is there near the Park Sheraton. There is a bookshop in the first floor and this shop has some delightful books which I haven’t seen anywhere else.

    • @Vishy: Yes, it’s an excellent spot to just relax.

  • shobs

    i love the shop in amethyst also :-p no firang me, but the cottons there are to die for!

    • @shobs: Really, I didn’t see too many cottons then. Maybe my bad luck. Btw, you know they have moved? They are now bang opposite the Satyam Theatre on the main road. People tell me the old charm is quite lost 🙁

  • had been to the new Amethyst today.. is quite nice, but misses warmth of older place

    its now in campus bang opp sathyam cinemas parking lot…

    • @Aarti: Oh, no…I loved the older Amethyst 🙁 Wonder what’s come up there instead of Amethyst?

  • Dr.K,Bhagwandas

    Where has Amethyst moved?
    Lovely ambience, shopping and food.

  • Divya

    hah brings back great memories from college times… i always loved this place!

  • Amethyst…..I love this place.

    Its so nostalgic, when I spend my 5 years in Chennai as a bachelor I used to visit this place regularly. Once I attended a ‘hindustani vocal’ concert in the first floor ballroom. Sitting in the wooden floors / verndhas and listening to the music…. How can I forget? In the evening… that too with out any cost.

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  • Pushkal V Prabhu

    It was a really good article of Amethyst, i came to know about this while reading 2 States by chetan Bhagat. so i just searched in google and read your article it was well expressed about it.

    • Thanks Pushkal for dropping by and commenting.

      I had no idea this place was mentioned in one of Chetan Bhagat’s books. I should check it out. Personally, Amethyst is one of my favorite hang-out spots in Chennai.

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