Decisions Decisions!


I find that making a decision is one of the most difficult things to do on Earth. When God has put you in this wonderful position where you have to choose between 2 equally exciting paths, what do you do ?

I am also realizing that I am very resistant to change. I get comfortable with a certain way of life, a certain routine, and it takes me time to even understand if that routine is not working effectively for me anymore.

In such situations, I am lucky to have my POS (Pillar Of Support aka hubby dearest) who inevitably steps in and makes a decision for me. It can be on things very small –as in do you think I should wear this or that to the party. It can also be huge decisions. Then, if things don’t work out, I can safely sulk and tell him I only did what you told me to do. Now look where it has landed me blah, blah,blah…. I have to admit that he has been remarkably patient with my behavior :).

A friend told me how she makes her difficult decisions : she writes down her options on chits of paper, crumbles them up and puts them before the deity. Next day, when she does her morning prayers, she closes her eyes and blindly chooses one of them and decides to go with whatever she gets. She says if she gets a feeling of relief after picking the chit, she knows she has made the right choice.

Hmm…maybe that is something I should try. Then, I can happily blame God when things don’t work out (and not start a quarrel at home).

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