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I was walking across the hall to get something when I happened to look at myself sideways at my reflection in the glass.

Who was this person who was standing so straight? I couldn’t believe that this was my normal, slouchy me. Could six months of yoga have eliminated a lifetime of poor posture?

I kept a watch over my posture, and realized YUP ! There is some difference. I only slouch now when I am tired, or when I am lugging my heavy, cumbersome laptop around.

I am now all the more motivated to continue with yoga 🙂

And I need to rethink how I carry my laptop around. Looks like the standard company-issue bag may just not be the right way to go. Anybody have any suggestions on good laptop bags / the best way to carry them ?

I tried carrying it using a backpack, but it really strains my back. I now carry it using a bag that I sling across my shoulder. But are there any other better options out there ? Must check this out further…

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  • It’s amazing what a few lifestyle changes, some fitness and diet can do for us. I’m still at the beginning of my journey, however from past experience I know the good it can do. This time around I am hoping that it will alleviate my back, knee and foot pain.. I gained close to 80 pounds, 20 of which I’ve dropped in the last 3 weeks.. 60 more to go…..

    • Wow, you lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks ? Great start. All the best in your health n fitness journey 🙂

  • Ya, I guess so. My problem currently is that my bag on its own is pretty bulky n heavy and keeps getting in the way. I am thinking of getting another bag that will help me carry the laptop without too much strain.

  • Good to know the results of Yoga 🙂

    On the laptop baggage, whichever bag you use to carry your laptop, just make sure that you do not carry it around for long…

    I tried three different bags and three different ways to carry mine..

    According to me and some of my friends who offered to answer the same question,

    ‘Do not carry it for long’. When you feel the pain, change position of the bag. It helps minimize your strain, but cannot do much to totally avoid it.

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