One more moronic MP


When Sanjay Dutt / Maanyata announced their political aspirations, I didn’t really give it a second thought. Yet another has-been Bollywood actor trying to build a second career. And as such, I have no issues with that. Actors are as valid political candidates as any other man on the street.

However, reading this article in the Mumbai mirror made me rethink my stance on Sanjay Dutt.

He has made some remarks in really dubious (to me!, and I hope you agree with me) taste. According to him, any girl who retains her father’s name after marriage disrespects the person they have married. In addition, no woman can get along with their brother’s wife. Umm, did you do a survey on that Mr.Dutt, or is that just your personal experience ? How can you generalize based on one incident in your family ?

It struck me as real strange and downright dumb that he would make such arbid statements that would antagonize one half of his vote base.

And then, I skimmed down through the comments. Realized that an equal half of the comments were from people who were agreeing with him. And here I was, thinking everyone would slag him off for his moronic comments.

How many more decades will it take for people to stop making judgment calls on other people’s (especially women’s) personal life choices?

Just had another thought: Are there many more people who secretly agree with him, but just don’t want to proclaim it ? What do you think?

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