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Just how stressful is blogging ? Reading this article in the New York Times I get an impression about bloggers at work all hours of the day and night posting articles and dying of the stress (somewhat similar to stories that I used to hear about hard-working Japanese executives who would collapse and die at work).

Now, as an amateur blogger, I find it very difficult to get my head around this concept. Aren’t there enough things to get stressed about in life ? Surely, readers would not be expecting you to give up on basics like sleep, food, and exercise. Why does blogging have to be any more stressful than any other job ? Plus, you have the freedom to take on as much stress as you feel comfortable with, right ?

I took up blogging as a stress-release  activity (to write content that I own completely, in a style that I wish- a freedom that I don’t always have in my professional life). In addition, blogging about upbeat personal moments makes me remember and revisit the sweeter moments of my life.  Besides, blogging can be loads of fun. Heck, I wouldn’t do it, if it weren’t.

What blogging shouldn’t be (in my humble opinion) is stressful, hard, or intense. If that’s the case, we just need to turn OFF the computer and just go enjoy ourselves some real life fun before we get back to blogging.

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  • Casey

    I totally agree with you on this 😀
    Blogging must not become another one of those tasks that you must complete before EOD (IST or PST).

    • I know…couldn;t believe that article…and then I read some of the sooper-long professional blogs out there, and it did look stressful. Some folks were posting about once an hour.

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