Thank God, it’s Christmas. I am sooo looking forward to the break. We are having a company wide shutdown (thanks to the recession) ! This shutdown, I am not travelling anywhere…just plan to relax n chill at home with Jahnavi, Kalyan, the rest of my family, and friends.

Of course, me being me, I still have a long to-do list of errands to complete. But once, I am done with those, I am planning to:

  • Watch movies, movies, and more movies – I have already kept the movies that I am planning to watch on my USB stick – they include Golmaal Returns, Maharathi, Music and Lyrics, and may be anything more I can squeeze in. So, you can expect some upcoming movie reviews from me 🙂
  • Read books – I am currently plowing through some verrry easy reading (think historical fiction and the likes of the Twilight series). This shutdown, I am planning to do some more serious reading. As part of this goal, I have already borrowed a book from my good editorial friend who can always be depended upon to provide the most serious reading possible 🙂
  • Sample christmas cake from various bakeries in town (not just from our tried and tested Niligiris)
  • Work out and burn all extra calories due to christmas cake consumption
  • Re-organize and de-clutter my closet in the hope that I will find some hidden gems that I can wear in the new year
  • Prepare my list of new year resolutions
  • Collect all my investment proofs and keep it ready for submission (most depressing activity and hence placed at bottom of list to ensure that there is no chance I can complete this)

Phew ! I wonder if I will have the time to do it all !

Anyway, happy holidays…merry christmas and a happy new year to all !


Happy hols and a happy new year 🙂

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  • I should have opened my bakery in BLR and made you buy some cake!!

    Happy new year!

    • Hehe…yeah, I am an enthusiastic eater…wish I was in your town. Btw, I tried out the penne and kidney beans recipe. Totally yumm, thanks 🙂 My daughter loved it too.

      Wish you a happy new year as well.

  • blogforhoi

    Thank you very much for the compliment! Take care. Hope the sprain ain’t anything serious. Did you meet a doc? If you want to think of something funny while nursing your sprain, think of all those things that happened when KC and I took GManj to the hospital after he hurt his leg 🙂

    • No, did not see a doc…using home remedies, am pretty much ok now…fully mobile, just a slight limp…

  • Casey

    That is a sooper cool To-Do list 🙂 Here is wishing you all the luck to achieve every one of those action items – including the last one 😛
    I am yet to arrive at mine 🙁

    • Ya, sooper cool list. But yesterday, I sprained my ankle while climbing the stairs at RMZ Infinity, and I think I will end up in bed for the rest of the shutdown. I am soooo bugged and angry with myself 🙁

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