Laughathon at Barbeque Nation


Went to catch up with my friends over dinner at Barbeque Nation in Indra Nagar.

Contrary to popular perception, this is a pretty veg-friendly restaurant with enough options for me to be comfortable, relax, and enjoy myself. The availability of wine on the house also helped 🙂

We sat n chatted n laughed so much that we never realized the time passing by…suddenly looked at the watch and realized OMG…it is 11 and time to move on home.

How do I feel about the restaurant ? To me, it is one of those places where you go with a big gang and just hang around eating starters and drinking wine. A noisy, festive kind of place.

The restaurant offers you some starters on a grill, which you can grill right on the table. There are 5 veg starters and 5 non-veg. The veg starters were pretty decent, and I was tempted by and enjoyed the mushrooms on offer (something that I am a little wary about). Here is a photo of the starters grilling on the table:
Starter Grills

The main buffet is so-so. Probably, I wasn’t very hungry, but most of the food on display looked extremely rich. Barbeque Nation is advertised as a restaurant that is drawn from Mediterranean, Asian, American, and Oriental cuisine. However, the buffet only had North Indian food (all paneer and cream based stuff). I ended up eating only the biriyani and dal.

The desserts are also not upto the mark. Not as much variety as I expected, and I ended up just having the brownie with ice cream, and chocolate sauce.

I have been reading in newspapers that restaurants and hotels have been down-sizing the size of their buffet offerings. Looking at the Barbeque Nation buffet, looks like this piece of news is true.

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