Happy Belated Birthday to my Blog


A friend recently pointed out that I have been blogging for almost a year now. When I went and checked my calendar, I realized that I had started this blog last year November 13. Can’t understand how I came to forget.

This has been a very eventful year for me and for the blog as well. My blog went through numerous changes- first it was on Blogspot, and then I moved it here to WordPress. Pretty much satisfied with the move – except for the pesky Shelfari issue. I am unable to add my bookshelf to this site. The folks at WordPress are supposed to be working on it though- and so hopefully this feature will be added soon.

Personally, also, I went through a lot of changes. My daughter started school this year. I changed jobs. All these changes ensured that I remained on my toes and as flexible and organized as possible this year. One aspect took a hit though – and that was my fitness. However, I did take up yoga a few months back, and that has been extremely positive. I am also taking spinning classes at Gold’s Gym – real intense stuff. So, although my fitness levels are still not upto my earlier standards, I think I am getting there slowly 🙂

So, in celebration of this soooper year, a virtual birthday cake for all the readers who have been following my posts on this blog.

Yummy Borthday Cake

Yummy Birthday Cake

Thank you for all the support, for reading my sometimes random posts, and for your comments. Looking forward to many more years of fun interactions in the blogosphere.

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