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Of late, folks have been mailing me some of their fave links to include in my blog. One fab link that I ended up trying is polyvore.

This is a kind of collage link. You can use various images that they provide (mostly fashion-related, and some interior design) and create some fabulous collages. I saw some really creative and beautiful ones. I tried my hand at it, and although I don’t think I am any good at it, it was a really nice feeling to try something different.

Here’s one :

Sweet n simple by Nishita K

And another one :

Blue Theme by Nishita K

Another link that the folks at Trendy asked me to include (I had recommended their site few blog posts back) is Connected Weddings that does exactly what the title says – helps you plan weddings.

Now, I am already married, and not too thrilled about attending weddings / planning them either. I hate all the baggage that comes associated with weddings – fake smile, makeup, heavy clothes and jewellery. I didn’t bother too much even over my own wedding – bought the mandatory jewellery n sarees within a day, makeup person finalized within an hour. I didn’t bother to do anything else, just showed up at the venue at the appointed time.

Even now, I always try to get out of attending weddings as much as possible – make it only for people who are real close to me… and even then come in late and sneak out early is my motto.

But, if there is anyone out there who is getting married, Connected Weddings is a useful site for wedding ideas.

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