Know What’s Happening in Your Town?


I have been living in Bangalore for the past 4 years, and oftentimes newcomers ask me stuff like, where is the best place to eat Chinese, or where do I shop for XYZ ? A lot of times, I used to struggle for an answer. The thing is, I don’t really go out much these days, and sometimes my advice can be a bit outdated (even gasp ! old-fashioned).

Well, not any more. A friend of mine introduced me to Thanks Gugi! And now, I happily point friends to this link, or on the few rare occasions, that I venture into the city, can try some new options – whether it be restaurants, or shops, or sales. They have all the latest info.

This site is not just limited to Bangalore. It also covers Mumbai and Delhi. So, if I ever do visit one of those places, I can always think of things to do and places to go.

Now, if only they would start covering Chennai as well. It would save me so much of effort planning some entertainment for my family.

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