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I have done the aerobics, and I have done the weights, and I have done dancing, and swimming…I have practically tried every fitness trend there is on the planet. The one similarity amongst all the workouts that I did was the focus on two singular aspects – burning calories, and fitting into jeans I have outgrown.

Well, this time, I decided to do something different… I am on to yoga – hatha yoga to be precise.

What is hatha yoga ? I don’t think I can explain it better than this link below:

Note: This form of yoga is not the famous Bharat Thakur’s form of yoga, which is credited to have helped Kareena get her size 0 figure.

I have been practising hatha yoga for the past three weeks now, and I just cannot believe the differences I see in my posture and flexibility. I always used to be extremely stiff, even though I could climb up and down a step a million times or even cycle like mad for half an hour, I could never be able to do some basic stuff like touching toes without bending your knees. Now, I can do that for almost a minute… for me, that is a huge improvement.

I also cannot believe that I am enjoying the sessions so much. Earlier, I used to drag myself to the exercise room for aerobics, but here, I look forward to the hour when I can go for yoga class.

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I still love swimming, and it is something that I could do everyday. However, the uncertain weather really throws a spanner in the works, and I am never able to get into the groove of things. Yoga has no such issues. The even better part, this is being conducted within our organization, so I don’t even have any commute issues.

This time, if I quit exercising, I really have no excuses 🙂

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  • Dew Drop
    September 26, 2008

    I certify this too 🙂

    I had started Yoga as well, and it did make a visible diffference 🙂

    I should join the class soon 🙂 just to get into the routine..

    Guys, I second Nishita’s opinion.. 🙂


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