Tips to reduce fuel consumption and save money


In these days of escalating petrol prices, we all need a little help to extract a little more mileage out of our money. Of course, one way not to do this, is to go and accept a new job, which is roughly twice the distance that I used to travel earlier. I have gone from refuelling my car once a month to once a week 🙁

So, I have been thinking how I can economize and here are some few common-sense tips I follow:

  • Plan travel logistics ahead of time and group all my errands together
  • Drive without any sudden increase / decrease in speed (very difficult for me)
  • Switch off my car engine while waiting at signals or stuck in traffic jams
  • Chucked out all unnecessary stuff from my car (lighter vehicle burns less fuel- something I realized from all the newspaper articles about airlines lightening their loads)
  • Get my car’s tyre pressure checked once a week
  • Go to the petrol bunk in the morning when it’s cooler. Petrol is less dense in the morning

Hoping some of these tactics will help my budget a bit more…

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  • gugiinsingapore

    hey nish u seemed to have researched this pretty well 🙂 All the best. I do have another suggestion – buy a reva!

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