Shopping Splurge


Recently been on a shopping splurge. This seems to be the season for sales in Bangalore, and unlike the usual frugal me, I really went out on the town. Partly, I was packing for our upcoming trip to Sri Lanka when I realized that I have no clothes :), or at least, none that were suitable for vacationing in posh hotels and resorts in a foreign country.

Anyway, I picked up some really nice stuff (some from pretty upmarket boutiques)- which were going at almost 60-80% off – a real bargain. Earlier, I never used to even venture to such places thinking that:

  • I am not posh enough
  • I am not thin enough
  • I am not rich enough

What a shock to realize that none of this was true. These shops had clothes for all sizes and all prices. You just need to ensure that you go on their sale days, and be willing to experiment with things.

From now on, I am going to be more adventurous and try to visit new shops, restaurants, and be open to all kinds of new opportunities. Yessir, that is my new year resolution. All this gyan from a simple shopping trip :)… but again you never know where you learn what…

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