Sri Lanka Trip Highlights


lIt’s been a long time since I blogged on this site. Been extremely busy with my project release. I finally submitted all my deliverables last week phew !!

Last december, we had won 2 tickets for a trip to Colombo from Radio 1. Thanks a lot Radio 1. We had an awesome time. Because of project deliverables, we could only manage a short trip (4 days) but it was action-packed all the same.

So, here are some highlights of the trip. We went to Colombo, Kandy, and Wadduwa ( a seaside town just south of Colombo).

Our first stop was at Colombo, where we stayed in the hotel Taj Samudra. This hotel has an awesome view of the beach. Here is a shot of Kalyan and Jahnavi in our hotel room balcony…
That day was a religious holiday in Colombo. It appears that every full moon is a holiday. That sounds like a lot of holidays to me 🙂 .

Since, there was nothing much to do, we spent some time exploring the hotel and the beach. Here are some more photos…

Jahnavi exploring our wardrobe

Sunset at the beach Next up…out trip to the elephant orphanage and Kandy 🙂

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