Mom’s visit


We’ve been having maid problems for the past couple of weeks. My mom has been helping us find someone from Chennai. She finalized someone this week, and she came over to help us train the new lady.

K is not quite sure what to call this new maid who’s name is Rajathi (meaning darling). But apart from the issue of her name, she seems to be settling down nicely. Keeping my fingers crossed. It seems to me that maids come here, get nicely trained, settle down well, and then leave for better-paying jobs. Somewhat like the IT workers in Bangalore, I guess 🙂

Anyway, my mom thinks the snubnose has grown a lot taller and become a lot more mature (meaning easier to take care of).

Here is a photo of the snubnose wearing a sweater-dress that my mom knitted for her:

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