Birthday Party Fun


Last weekend was a fun one. The snubnose was invited to a birthday party on Sunday. So, the whole weekend was spent either preparing for the party or partying :).

On Saturday, we went to our favorite store in Bangalore, Sanctuary to get the birthday girl some clothes for her birthday. Ended up buying tons of stuff for snubnose as well. Got the sad news that the store is planning to discontinue their line of children’s clothing :(. Too bad, now I will have to search for another store that stocks really cute (and reasonable) children’s clothing. A rather tall order. Sanctuary is also one of those few stores where Jahnavi really has a lot of fun. The sales people all love her, and she has a ball getting pampered by all the staff, while we can shop in peace.

We saw some amazing silk quilts in the store as well. Kalyan was quite interested in looking at some pieces. However, by then Jahnavi had quite exhausted herself and it was time to leave. Picked up some dinner from Subway and then proceeded home.

Earlier, we had gone to Cauvery to get the birthday girl’s parents a gift. They recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. We picked up some really nice rosewood elephant bookends for them. I hope they liked it. Cauvery has very traditional stuff which is nice. But, I wish they would also update their collections. It is a bit boring to see the same sort of thing every time you visit the store. Soon, I think it will be only a store for tourists.

On sunday, we went to the party which was taking place in Palm Meadows, Whitefield. I’ve heard a lot about Palm Meadows, but this was the 1st time I actually visited the place. It is an amazing township, world-class, one of the best I have ever seen. The villas look absolutely magnificent (if a bit cookie-cutter).

The party was good fun, and Jahnavi really freaked out at the bouncy castle. This was the 1st time that she has seen one, and she took to it like a duck to water. She was the smallest child in the castle, but she didn’t let that faze her one bit.
Jahnavi in the white dress on the bouncy castle

On the way back home from the party, Kalyan asked me if I would have liked to live in Palm Meadows. I hesitated for a bit, and then thinking about the daily commute to work decided that Palm Meadows is definitely not for us. It is way too far from anything. And, however great the township, I always prefer to be near Indra Nagar, which is I think one of the nicest places in Bangalore.

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