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The Full Moon Bride

What makes a marriage–love or compatibility? Passion or pragmatism? Bantwal’s compelling new novel explores the fascinating subject of arranged marriage, as a young Indian-American…

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New and Juicy


We took tons of photos of all our fun in Dubai, but though the quality of the photos is average (a 5-year old camera…

Diwali Shopping Inspiration

I spent the last few days in shopping malls doing all sorts of fun stuff but one of the milder and least expensive timepasses…


Dubai Calling

It’s been ages since we’ve gone on a proper family holiday. Sure, we have done the occasional trip to my family home in Chennai,…

Birthday Fun

It almost always happens that the weeks just before and after my birthday are full of fun and social activity. Fact is most of…


Reading Toni Morrison

Reading is essentially a solitary activity, and I enjoy it that way. However there are some books / authors (I think) that really work…