90s Music for World Music Day


I was driving late one night listening to music from Radio Indigo when I realized suddenly that I really miss the music from the 90s that I used to listen to back in the days when I first discovered English music.

Since good music has no expiry date and since World Music Day is here, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite music videos that I think every 90’s kid would remember and feel super nostalgic about. Revisit that golden era with these videos!

The Constant Gardener


Recently, I read a Quartz article about healthcare and I was stunned by how well it summarized the healthcare problem in the world today. I wish I had the link to share with you, but I don’t. However one particular line from the article really had me nodding along with interest, especially because we recently had a health issue in our family where I felt totally gypped by the doctor and the hospital.

Keeping people healthy has no value. Making them sick does.

TV Shows That Give me Travel Goals


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Everyone who travels and loves travelling resonates with this quote. Often while binge watching our favorite TV shows we can’t help gape at the beautiful locations where these shows are shot and that’s when we have major wanderlust. Here are 5 TV shows that gave me serious travel goals.

Teaser Tuesdays: The Constant Gardener


I saw the movie version of this book – The Constant Gardener a few years ago, and I found it unbearably heartbreaking (in a very lovely way).

I find the book less so, but that is because Le Carré is not really a sentimental type of writer.

I do love though how righteously angry he gets (something I haven’t seen in previous books I read). This is an angry, angry book, and the main character Tessa really rips into the injustice she sees around her. Not without unfortunate consequences, of course.

Here is an excerpt from the book.

Ten Cruel Justin Bieber Roast burns You Can’t Ignore


Justin Bieber, the pop sensation all around the world, left his fans quite disappointed with his recent gig in the city. His fans who are called ‘Beliebers’ may be upset but love him nevertheless. Here are 10 ‘That Hurt’ Moments from Justin Bieber’s Roast that will surely make them feel a little bad for the singing sensation.

Be sure to catch the Roast of Justin Bieber only on Comedy Central, Sunday, 28th May, 10 PM onwards, and read on for some of the comments and people that you can expect to see featured on it.

The Cheat Sheet to Stay Fresh During Summer


I was brought up in Chennai. Yes, the city that is known for its fantastic year-round climate (sarky emoji here).Summers were hell for me until I got married and settled in Chennai.And I was oh, so happy to make the move. Thanks to global warming though, summers here are also all about humid evenings and sticky afternoons. Except maybe the nights.

Instead of cribbing about the weather though, I decided to find some amazing ways that can keep you fresh as a flower even during summers. Here, I am sharing my ultimate cheat sheet to stay fresh during the summers with a hope that it will benefit you as much as it did to me.

When Writing Service Comes in Need


Students have many research papers and essays to write. But, there are times when the assigned topic or subject is too complex for a student to write a great piece about. Sometimes, a student can have limited time to write an essay or paper. There are also students that don’t have all the skills required to craft great papers and essays. Typically, teachers and professors should assist learners with their papers. However, the majority of them are busy with little or no time for students outside the classroom. All these challenges make a writing service necessary for many students in colleges and universities.

Make-Up Essentials Every Girl Needs


Make-up is a pretty tricky thing for many people. You may have no idea how to do your make-up properly or you might have been doing it the same way for a while and might just want a little bit of a change-up. No matter what, there are some essentials that every girl needs to have in her make-up kit. Make sure that you have these essentials and you’ll be ready for every make-up eventuality. Keep reading down below and get these products into your make-up inventory if you don’t already have them!

Tips to Make Your Expensive Clothes and Bags Last Longer


No one wants to buy expensive clothes that you saved up a lot of money for and only have them get worn out in the next couple of months. That’s a big waste of money that we bet you don’t have the budget to make right now! The good news is that there are tons of options for you to choose from when it comes to ways to making your expensive clothes last longer than ever before. Keep reading down below to learn the top tips we have for you to do just that.