An Evening With Kadu Wines


Kādu is Sula wines first wine with a cause.

Kādu (pronounced kaa-du, means wild in Kannada), and this wine is made entirely in Karnataka. The flagship Sula wines are made in Nasik in Maharashtra, and Sula’s presence in Nasik made it quite a happening place.

Now, with Sula venturing into the Channapatna district in Karnataka, I am hoping this would be the next hot spot for wine tasting or wine tours, maybe even a Kādufest could be on the horizon!

Anyway, that’s looking a little too much into the future at the moment. For now, let me just go into the wine-tasting session we had at Hotel Gateway, where we got to sample their delicious wines.

Street Shopping Hotspots in Sri Lanka


The axiom that a voyage without shopping is unjustified ought to be accepted, if not already. In the ages past, Sri Lanka’s eminence was instilled in its domestic produce and the handcraft. Lacework, ivory carvings, and metalwork among other resources such as gems, spices, and tea have been somewhat of a specialty of the island nation. Sri Lankan streets are destinations of delight for shoppers.

Can a Ketogenic Diet Cure Epilepsy?


The chronicle neurological disorder called epilepsy occurs when the normal electrical activity associated with our brain gets disrupted. This can lead to repeated seizures, ranging from brief lapses to prolonged convulsions. The variable condition of epilepsy can be differentiated in its impact on people. More than 40 registered epileptic types have already been experienced by people till date. The categorization of seizures is determined by whether a partial or complete part of our brain is affected. Epilepsy has already incapacitated more than 50 million people worldwide and can stem out of an array of factors such as environmental, genetic and physiological causing functional changes in the brain.

Chaos Walking – Books 2 and 3


After hugely enjoying The Knife of Never Letting go, I decided to go ahead and read the rest of the books in the trilogy at one go.

Is reading all three books back to back a good idea? Truth is, I don’t know. I struggled a bit with The Ask and the Answer (second book), but was able to fully get into Monsters of Men (the third and final book).

So, is this series worth binging? Well, it is and isn’t, and I”ll go into the details in my individual book reviews, and you can decide how you want to read these books. Overall though, I wouldn’t suggest binge-reading it.

Our 7-day Assam and Meghalaya Itinerary


In this, my final post on my Assam and Meghalaya travels, I want to summarize the best and worst of our travel experiences. I got a lot of Facebook queries on my itinerary and questions on what’s worth it and what’s not, so here I”ll summarize some of my purely personal ups and downs of the trip. Hopefully, if you are looking to visit either of these places, this post and the subsequent posts linked will help you plan your trip.

#TransEmpowerment Tex-Mex Cookout at Lalit Ashok


Just wanted to share with everyone about the Tex Mex cookout at Hotel Lalit Ashok, and the fun we had there.
I’ve seen the colorful Lalit Ashok food trucks plying the roads of Bangalore, but I’ve never actually stopped by to try the food.

So, when I got an invite to come to the Lalit Ashok and try their Tex Mex food by Chef Chris Trapani one weekend, I was pretty happy to stop by.

Snubnose piled along as she wanted to reconnect with her buddy Burney – the Chief Happiness Officer of Lalit Ashok.

The event was held on the beautiful lawns of the hotel, the ambiance was perfectly peaceful. Snubnose spent the time playing with Burney – he’s the resident Saint Bernard, and even taking him for a walk. I relaxed with some sparkling wine, and chilled waiting for Chef Trapani to start the event.

The Knife of Never Letting Go


The Knife of Never Letting Go is the first book in the Chaos Walking trilogy – yet another dystopian series. When the books first came on my radar, I rolled my eyes at them and put them right out of my mind.
And then the positive reviews on all three books in my Wordpress blog feed. This is quite rare for a trilogy, usually my enthusiasm dies down when it comes to the second or third book (thinking of that Tearling series, or the Divergent series). And these positive reviews from some very critical bloggers helped me make up my mind.

The top 5 clothing items every toddler boy will wear


There’ll come a time that you’ll need to dress your son, particularly while they’re still a toddler because they don’t understand fashion. At first, the issue of toddler boy clothing seems a dull topic, that’s until you’ve got a young son. Suddenly the subject turns to a captivating one. Of course, he won’t wear flowers and pretty pinks, but that doesn’t have to mean that you won’t have a great time while shopping for your son.

If you wish to know how to style your toddler son, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered quite a handful of information to enable us to share some tips on the best clothing items every toddler boy will wear.

A Week in Chennai


Year ending is usually the time to visit my family back in Chennai. It’s generally a time of pure relaxation, fun, chilling out, pigging out – pure bliss in fact. The whole extended family is around, and it’s great to catch up with cousins, uncles, aunts, and so on.

2017 Christmas was going to be yet another such time. We all drove down to Chennai and had a pleasant couple of days before my father-in-law suddenly turned dangerously ill. His sugar levels dropped drastically (he’s diabetic), and the rest of the holiday was spent with him in hospital, and all of us under a lot of stress.

Thankfully, once hospitalized, he recovered fast and was back on his feet within the week. However, it was generally a bit of a rough time for all of us. And for the most part, we didn’t do anything beyond the first couple of days.

TTT: Ten Books I Meant To Read In 2017 But Didn’t Get To


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful The Broke and The Bookish. This week is the last week that Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and I just want to thank them for hosting for so long. It really is a commitment and I’ll always be grateful to them for introducing me to so many blogs and in turn, so many books. Thank you ladies!

This post is quite difficult for me because 2017 was such a poor reading year. The pile of books that I meant to read but didn’t quite get to looks in danger of toppling over. Still, I”ll try to include only the books that I really, really meant to read, but never quite got around to.

Hopefully, that will also act as a reminder to get to them at least in 2018!