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Fade into Red

Ayra always wanted to be an Art Historian. She saw herself flitting between galleries, talking Michelangelo and Dali with glamorous ease. At twenty–nine, life…

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Reading Toni Morrison

Reading is essentially a solitary activity, and I enjoy it that way. However there are some books / authors (I think) that really work…


Gifting Photos

A photo shoot with a professional photographer saves you from lot of hassle. It can be an exciting experience for anyone no matter what…

The Michael Kors Madness

Over the weekend I went to a fabulous garden party, I knew a lot of fashionable (by that, I mean high-fashion) people were invited,…

Bathing with a Bomb

For as long as we can remember, people have used ingredients mixed with water to treat many maladies. Some cures involve mixing things like…


New Beginnings

I don’t post much personal stuff on my blog, it’s never been the space for it. However for some reason, while I was banging…